A known fact (by some) about me is that I am freakin’ in LOVE with cookbooks. Love, love, love. They are stacked all over the sideboard in my dining room and sprinkled throughout my amazon wish list. Luckily, my dear hubby is one of those who knows and understands my love of words and reading with my love of food and cooking. And for Valentine’s Day he got me this.

The good news – I’ve wanted a David Lebovitz cookbook for like ever. AND it shows that dear hubby listens to me once in awhile. ūüôā

The bad news – I still have a week before I can attempt to cook anything from it. Probably longer than that because pulling off one of these recipes will take some time and Callie’s 2nd birthday is next weekend.

That’s okay, though, because he also had a good news/bad news item as part of his V-day gift. I included a giant Reese’s peanut butter cup. Good news – he got one of his favorite sweets. Bad news – he also has a week to go before he can eat it. I’m evil like that.

Anyway, knowing that all (one of) you are probably as sick of reading about my Whole30 as I am writing about it, I’ll move on to a different topic.

In a sec…I can’t not say something about the Whole30, seeing as how I still think about it a crazy amount of time during the day. Last week was better. I was not quite as food grumpy. I didn’t take any pics that are worth posting as I didn’t make anything new and exciting. Well, actually, I did do a new fish dish. Sorta.¬†I had made sole meuni√®re pre-Whole30 several times, but always used real butter. This time I used cod (Whole Foods didn’t have sole) and ghee. It was still good!

On to a new subject. How about rugs?

Ah, yes. This is the subject that has been on my mind for the last few days and it is now becoming a bit frustrating. I need to find a rug. Something to go in what I call the “fireplace room”. It’s basically the family room or formal living room or whatever. It’s right off the kitchen and we never use it. But I want to start using it, perhaps as¬†a pseudo playroom considering the amount of toys we have for Callie in the living room looks like a borderline hoarders episode.

I need a large rug for the space and I can’t find anything I like. I mean, there are a lot of nice, plain jane rugs I could go with, but I kind of want to branch out and go a bit “wild”. But then I think, nah that’s not me and I could never pull off an awesome playroom despite my many pinterest inspirations.

Ah, what to do. Anyway. My quest for the perfect rug continues. At least through tomorrow. I want to find one and have it here in time for Callie’s birthday. Therefore, I need to sign off as¬†the search continues. Wish me luck.

p.s…did i really just post about needing to find a rug? good lord.




So we’re all sick over here at Casa de Lauersdorf. I think it started with some snotty-nosed, pink-cheeked, punk, ahem, toddler sharing his germs at Gymboree.

Then ma poor baybeeee got sick. ūüė¶¬† And as I held her in my arms, rocking her at 3 in the morning Wednesday night, as she sneezed all over me, I figured that it wouldn’t be long before I caught it, too.

It was actually Mike who started to feel not great first on Saturday. My blah feeling didn’t really start until last night. But it’s no biggie. As an adult, if I feel bad, I can take Nyquil or Dayquil or whatever. But poor Callie girl can’t really take anything, so I just hope it passes quickly and doesn’t get any worse for her. She seems on the mend.

You know what also sucks while feeling down, having to still cook. Ugh. I’m tired of the Whole30 and mostly because I’m sick of all the cooking. I’ve been keeping a meal spreadsheet for us and in the past 14 days, I’ve cooked 12 full dinners, 14 lunches and 14 breakfasts. The breakfasts are the worst. That’s supposed to really start your day, but I dislike savory food that early in the morning, yet it’s all I can really do. I did try to bake paleo granola, from this recipe yesterday, but it burned a little (even though I set it to the lower recommended time), and also didn’t taste great. Probably because I had to not use the called for maple syrup and vanilla extract. So, I’m sure it is a really fine recipe; I just botched it up.

I didn’t do a great job of photographing my food this week. Super Bowl sunday, I snacked on¬†some mixed nuts and had some el pollo loco chicken because¬†I had looked up the nutritional information and it¬†used no sugar and is grilled. Not sure if it’s 100% compliant, but it was close enough for me.

We also made a turkey taco¬†salad (seemed like the organic meat tasted kind of gamey – guess some might really like that, but me not so much), spaghetti with mushrooms, bell pepper and spaghetti squash (this will definitely make it into weekly rotation – soooo good!). Midweek, we went to Whole Foods for their discounted grass-fed beef night at The Smokehouse (Mike and I had bunless, cheeseless, grass-fed burgers on mixed greens with oil¬†& vinegar; Callie had the grass-fed cheeseburger with tater tots). They had sweet potato fries on the menu, but of course used canola oil. I won’t deny that they looked fabulous, and I believe my cousin did pronounce them to be the best sweet potato fries ever. Other dinner nights included a mish-mash or leftovers; roasted chicken thighs w/grapes and olives, and¬†baked sweet potatoes; baked salmon with green beans and “guacamole” (mashed avocado with lime, salt & pepper); and this stew – Moroccan beef & butternut squash. It was pretty good and not to hard to make. Next time I’ll try it in the crock pot so that the beef has a longer time to become tender.¬†

This morning I had some bacon (found some ancho chile bacon at Whole Foods that has no sugar or preservatives), a baked sweet potato and some blueberries. I’m still on track, though do feel like I’m not sure why I’m doing something so strict. I always have a problem with super strict plans like this – makes me just want to rebel. Though, I know I’ll feel too guilty if I do. I just want this to be more of a lifestyle change, and I definitely will incorporate a lot of what I’ve learned so far afterward. But I won’t lie – I really, really want a square of good dark chocolate. Can’t anyone spare a square?!

But we’re halfway through now, so I’m trying to stick it out. I’ll probably be really annoyed come this weekend, when Mike has decided he’s going to reintroduce BEER for AZ beer week events (plus our brother-in-law’s birthday party)! Beer on Saturday, then on Monday, then on Thursday, then on Friday, then on the following Saturday. That’s quite the reintroduction. I’m just¬†hoping his Whole19 won’t dismantle me from getting to my Whole30.

Other than that….Happy Valentine’s Week!


Today is Day 9 of the Whole 30 for Mike and I. So far, so good. That’s not to say that we’ve both haven’t had our share of a case of the “food grumpies”. And I may or may not have contemplated quitting yesterday and eating a bunch of chocolate-covered almonds. Half-healthy, right? Alas, I did not, and had a tangerine instead to try to team my inner sugar monster.


Want to see what I’ve been eating? I’ve been trying to be good about capturing photos of all my meals. We’ve definitely been doing a lot of cooking. The only worry I have about this month is that it seems very meat/protein heavy. Worried about cholesterol. I’m trying to make sure two nights of our weekly meals are fish and a few are poultry and only a couple red meats.

p.s…..My photos are not foodie sexy. They are from an iPhone 4. Also, ignore my terrible dishware. We save our china for when the Queen comes over.


Makeshift Shepherd’s Pie – basically just ground beef w/onions & garlic, peas & carrots and mashed sweet potatoes. Did we miss using the brown gravy mix and¬†Worcestershire¬†sauce and yukon golds with butter and milk and browning cheese on top? Not at all!

Well, maybe a little. But it was still actually pretty good. I had it for breakfast two times over the next few days after we’d had it for dinner. Callie thought it was “meh”, though. She’s my toughest food critic.


Carne asada from Whole Foods. Their marinade contains no added sugar, though they do use a little orange juice. I can live with that. This was a fantastic lunch with some mashed avocado and salsa on the side. Yum!Image

Yes, I know the photo is upside down, but I’m too tired (lazy) to fix it. This was really good and a take on a recipe from my Smitten Kitchen cookbook. Browned chicken thighs, then roasted with red grapes and kalamata olives. The pan sauce called for some white wine, but I just added a little more chicken stock instead. Still good! I also did a cauliflower puree, just steamed cauliflower and pureed it with a little ghee and coconut oil, salt and pepper. Mashed potatoes it¬†definitely¬†was not, but it wasn’t that bad. My littlest food critic definitely did not go for the puree, though. Took one bite and pronounced it to be, “yucky”. She ate the chicken like crazy, though, so that was good.


Crock pot green chile pork, shredded, with some sauteed red peppers.


Baked salmon over spinach with mango, red pepper salsa. Side of 1/2 baked sweet potato with a little ghee and cinnamon. Somewhere Eric Ripert is¬†vomiting over this combination,¬†but to that I say, “suck it Trebek!”

chicken burger

Not sure why this pic is so tiny. Again, too tired (lazy) to worry about it. This was today’s lunch. Trader Joe Chile Lime Chicken Burger (researched, believe it is Whole 30 compliant), along side some roasted broccoli with garlic, red pepper flakes and lemon juice. YUM! This broccoli is actually pretty awesome.

After eight full days of this “new way of eating”, I’d say what I’ve noticed so far is that I don’t have a whole lot of need to snack. Maybe some nuts or carrot sticks or a pear here or there. So that’s good. The first three days were terrible, though. Day 1 I was hungry. Day 2 I had a full day raging headache and Day 3 was similar. And last night, I think we both were just kind of burned out on all the cooking – morning, noon, night. But we’re still sticking with it.

I also find the breakfasts to be a real challenge, hence my pics below. Which is especially hard because I work out in the mornings. Breakfast on the Whole 30 is not easy if you do not eat eggs (like me!). Doesn’t mean it can’t be done. But does mean that I’ve eaten some leftover dinners for breakfast, which I really do think is weird. I’ve made my own homemade blueberry sausage, but am already getting tired of it. Give me back my Greek yogurt and Whole Foods granola, damnit!

break smooth break3

Other than the Whole 30, I really need to get on the ball with some upcoming life events. Callie’s 2nd birthday, a few other family milestone birthdays. I can’t believe next week will already mark mid-month. February is flying by and that means March is around the corner and I have so much going on in March – eek!

Oh well. Utilizing my epic powers of procrastination, I can think about all that tomorrow.

Stay classy, blogosphere.



So, as you can tell, I’m not much for the blogging.

It seems my last blog post was in September 2010.

A few things have happened since then.

2010 – Got pregnant

2011 – Had a baby and spent better part of that year trying to figure out how to manage life with a baby

2012 – Baby moved into toddlerhood, still spent the year figuring out how to manage life with a baby, now toddler

Figure that sums it all up. There was actually a lot of other great stuff that happened. But having our daughter was definitely the most amazing and life-changing thing that’s ever happened to me and to our relationship. Having a kid truly does change everything. And, as a first-time mother, with literally no local friends with babies or kids, I may have underestimated the difficulties of becoming a parent. And also how rewarding it would be. So in a nutshell, the last two years have been crazy hard and crazy awesome.

That brings us to today. January 2013.

Nothing too exciting this month, other than the fact that I started this thing called the Whole 30 three days ago. It is freaking hard for a sugar addict like me. But I haven’t been feeling well for a few months now and still have baby weight to lose TWO YEARS LATER!


So here I’ll be. Cooking a lot of veggies and lean meats, adding in some fruits, with absolutely no dairy, no grains, no legumes, no sugar of any kind, no fun, no good mood, no brain function, no….

Let’s hope those last few improve.

wow. so it’s been awhile since i’ve posted.

like 5 months.

3 posts a year, definitely does not a blogger make.

so to catch up on what’s been going on, i will use a mix of pictures and succinct copy.




memorial day. show low. cabin. 1,000 piece puzzle. good times.


mike and i both went to san francisco for work. lots of fun, food, drinks with good friends, but as usual no photos.

instead, i bring you tomatoes from my uncle’s garden.¬†yum.



and san diego


no photos from august. highlight was starting a new management position at work. that’s right, i’m an implementation manager with three direct reports. what is that you ask? still figuring that out myself and will keep you posted.

and here we are today in september.

this month is already flying by, but i’m really looking forward to the end of it. that is because i’m heading to minneapolis for work and will get to see some of my favorite friends and the new additions to their families. plus, one other favorite friend is going to join us from chicago. it’ll be like a bay area reunion in the midwest. can’t wait.

so, i’d like to say that i’ll try to start posting more, but let’s be honest, i doubt it. however, i would like to start posting more. so that is my¬†promise. to continue to want to start¬†posting more.

till next time (which hopefully won’t be¬†february).

i’ve¬†always been a beatles fan. i’m¬†guessing it’s because my parents were, so it’s definitely some of the first music i¬†was exposed to. either way, i¬†love their music. in fact, my favorite class at asu was music of the beatles. well, that and sports media history.

more recently, i saw the cirque du soleil show love and indeed loved it. i also loved the across the universe movie Рespecially this song, such a pretty arrangement.

so last night i¬†was so excited to be able to see paul mccartney¬†in concert. it was fantastic to hear beatles music by an actual beatle! and it didn’t sound¬†tribute bandy. it sounded almost real, minus three key musicians. either way, he played my favorite paul song of all beatles songs – hey jude.

i’ve¬†always loved, loved, loved this song. i¬†like that some think it was for john’s son julian during the time his parents were divorcing. i¬†like that john thinks it was for him, paul giving his blessing to be with yoko. i’ve¬†always wondered what the lyric “…the movement¬† you need is on your shoulder…” means. but that doesn’t really matter. i like that¬†when paul was playing it / writing it,¬†he noticed john listening behind him and offered to change that line. and john said not to, that it was the best line in it. such an interesting dynamic between two of the best songwriters of all time.

anyway, there ain’t no maybe¬†about it, paul is still amazing. and i consider myself lucky to have seen him.

p.s….how can you not love a song that was parodied as “hey food” by sesame street?

less than two months since my last post – quite an achievement for me! so, where were we…

ah – in my last post i still hadn’t posted the rest of our europe photos. i since have and here are¬†cordoba and granada, if you’re interested:

Cordoba: http://www2.snapfish.com/thumbnailshare/AlbumID=3444048013/a=124228316_124228316/otsc=SHR/otsi=SALBlink/COBRAND_NAME=snapfish/

Granada: http://www2.snapfish.com/thumbnailshare/AlbumID=3444104013/a=124228316_124228316/otsc=SHR/otsi=SALBlink/COBRAND_NAME=snapfish/

man, i miss spain already. holy pork, batman! they had good food.

so what else, hmm.

oh, i did another 1/2 marathon. with minimal training. and therefore it took me 17 minutes longer off my first 1/2 marathon pace. but nevermind that, because i got a souvenir.

a stress fracture.

or, at least that is what the ortho doc thinks. won’t know for sure unless i have an mri, which he’ll determine at my follow up visit in a few weeks if there isn’t great improvement.

there has been some improvement since the race and the first few days after where i. could. not. walk. seriously. even had crutches, but those were a pain; it was easier to hobble around.

so hopefully it won’t be a full fracture and i can get by on rest. which stinks. because i’m feel lazy and gross. bleh. i don’t love exercising, but not getting to do anything is making me a bit stir crazy.

anyway, that’s pretty much all that is up with me. other than being busy, busy at work. will be in charlotte, nc for the second time in a month coming up. which i don’t mind so much because i like getting to go to cities that actually get cold in winter. plus, airline miles!