oct nov dec 08


two weeks after returning from napa, i apparently hadn’t had enough so i went back up to san francisco with my sister liz, cousin marissa, aunt esther and uncle victor for the ASU/CAL football game and a quick napa trip, too. wine and football was our version of a quick girl’s trip.

we visited costentino winery – for an all zin tasting. awesome. we also hit up miner family and plumpjack before heading to taylor’s refresher and finishing the day at v.sattui. we all wished my mom and dad had been able to join us – but weren’t that sorry considering they were in rome!












we also enjoyed a night out in the mission – can’t miss the sangria at cha cha cha. and also hung out in the marina one rainy night. felt good to get away from the still 100 degree desert heat!

in october, liz and paul threw an awesome halloween party. but of course, i accidentally deleted all my pics before uploading them to my computer! however, i was able to steal some off of melissa’s facebook.

















my uncle and brother were drawn for elk hunting and it opened the weekend of thanksgiving. so we decided to bring thanksgiving to the northern arizona forest and rent a cabin. luckily it was a large one – 5 bedrooms, 5 1/2 bath – since we had 11 people and 3 dogs! we had a blast playing games, rockband, reading, drinking and enjoying the cold weather. and my uncle got an elk! a pretty big one, too, and it is currently being mounted so that it will be ready for the cabin they are now planning to build.

























as it is for most people, december was crazy busy. but fun, always fun. here are some pics from christmas and mike’s b-day.












of course, mike’s favorite picturea from december, might be these of his new 52-inch samsung:

















and we finished a great year off right with our second annual new year’s eve party. this year the theme was dress like your favorite musical superstar! mike was lil jon and i was jam master jay.










liz and paul rounded out the run dmc trio – and oh yes, we did perform “it’s tricky”.



3 Responses to “oct nov dec 08”

  1. To rock around, to rock around… LOVE the Run DMC tribute! Nice work. Happy New Year to the Harosdorfs. We look forward to keeping up w/ you on the blog.

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere! We’re happy to have you! And excellent call with WordPress!

    Happy New Year! I so should have come out for the new year’s bash!

  3. 3 Marissa

    Another blog i get to read while I should be working!!! 2008 was a crazy year with some awesome trips!! We are one lucky family and I’m so thankful we are able to do all those fun things together!!!

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