let their be light…rail


so last night mike and i decided to have dinner at p.f. chang’s on mill avenue and rather than drive there, we opted to use the new light rail that recently debuted in the phoenix area.

yep, that’s right. phoenix finally has some sort of public transportation other than buses that take two hours to get anywhere.

what i couldn’t figure out though was how they know if you paid for a ticket or not. when the machine popped out our tickets i noticed that they had a magnetic strip on the back so i assumed we had to scan it though something. but then when we got on the light rail – i couldn’t find where to scan it. either i totally missed some type of scanner machine or it works on the honor system.

i’m hopeful that arizonnies will embrace the light rail and its 20 mile route. maybe it will expand another 20 miles by 2028. it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out in such a decentralized valley.

at the very least, i do plan on using it when i can. it might actually get me out to a diamondbacks game this year!


check out the guy in the pic.

nice hat valley metro light rail driver.

and what’s up with the long name. no one has offered to nickname this thing. i vote for “met”. i like to stay original and all.


One Response to “let their be light…rail”

  1. I cannot believe it is finally done!

    Also, the Minneapolis/St. Paul light rail is like that too, run on the honor system. You’re actually allowed to take it free between terminals. Although, if you wanted to, you could just go all the way to the Mall of America!

    Here in Chicago, we’re not nice. We have locked turnstiles and shit.

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