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…than to join the navy.” — steve jobs i’m not totally sure what that quote means, but i’m kinda digging it. plus, steve jobs. i a fan. in other random news – i found a website that sells this shirt: for those who knew me when i was young and played video games, (okay, yes, […]

lola says…


                    yep, that’s right. my dog believes we need change and believes in obama. my lab is a liberal. and – she recently got to see the president! sort of. obama was in my hometown this week to tout the stimulus package and discuss the foreclosure […]

there have been a few times when lola will hear a dog bark on tv and wonder what it is. she went crazy a few times while we were watching the westminster dog show this week. she especially goes nuts when she sees a dog jump up and then she would jump up onto the […]

gonna set my soul on fire. last weekend melissa and i went to vegas. via las vegas indeed. it was a different experience from past vegas trips we’ve taken. mel and i have been to vegas together probably a dozen or more times in the last (gasp!) 10 years. we took our first trip at […]

super bowl


boo to the cards defense at the end. but at least it was a decent game for a super bowl.