bright light city gonna set my soul


gonna set my soul on fire.

last weekend melissa and i went to vegas. via las vegas indeed.

it was a different experience from past vegas trips we’ve taken. mel and i have been to vegas together probably a dozen or more times in the last (gasp!) 10 years. we took our first trip at 21. stayed at the tropicana. for three nights.

my how far we’ve come.

now at (almost) 31 years of age, things have changed. this time we stayed at the bellagio and were in vegas less than 48 hours. and it was a great weekend. a really fun time. we went shopping, we saw a show (did you know there were shows in vegas? i know!).

and we even spent one night out in a throwback to our old selves.

here we are posing for the camera. of course this picture is being taken with two cameras at the same time so we’re not looking at the same one!










the above photo is time stamped at 2:15 a.m. and as you can imagine the photos just keep getting better from there.










hello 3 a.m.










hello 3:30 a.m.










and then there is 4:30 a.m.

we finally made it back to our rooms around 5:30 a.m. and good thing we didn’t decide to take any more that night/morning!

the next day we got what we came for, or well, mel did:










hello, gorgeous!

the photo doesn’t do this beautiful pair of shoes justice. i am sufficiently jealous, but absolutely ecstatic that she was able to get such a lovely pair of shoes.

and how did they feel you ask? i wouldn’t say it looked like mel was floating on air. but as all good shoe lovers know – when you have a pair of black patent leather manolo blahnik mary janes you suck it up and suffer in the name of fashion.

we did more shopping that day and got my favorite yogurt/granola parfait at bouchon bakery (the one in napa is way better). that night we saw mystere at treasure island. it is one of those cirque du soleil shows where you can’t believe your eyes and marvel at their muscles and strength and then realize – this is where all those olympic gymnasts must end up.

all in all, the verdict is in. vegas in our 30s, good times. perhaps not stay out until sunrise on both nights good times, but good times nonetheless.


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