“it’s better to be a pirate…


…than to join the navy.” — steve jobs

i’m not totally sure what that quote means, but i’m kinda digging it. plus, steve jobs. i a fan.

in other random news – i found a website that sells this shirt:


for those who knew me when i was young and played video games, (okay, yes, i still do, but only rock band or guitar hero) this graphic is from super mario brothers 3. a game i LOVED. LOVED people – and i don’t use caps on this site, so yes, i am shouting it.

in super mario 3, mario could wear different suits (like a frog suit so he could swim, raccoon suit so he could fly – not sure why i never thought about why that is odd until now). anyway, i freakin’ loved that game and now i freakin’ love this shirt. i’m not a person who wears graphic t’s, but if i was, i’d buy this in a heartbeat.

for those who do love oddball graphic t’s, check out nerdyshirts.com.

okay, enough geek talk for today. hope all is well.


One Response to ““it’s better to be a pirate…”

  1. My nephew LOVES, LOVES, LOVES anything Mario. He plays Mario Kart and Super Mario and all the Mario games he can get his hands on.

    My mom bought him a Mario and Luigi shirt for his birthday 2 years ago.

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