a sportstastic weekend


so it’ s already thursday and i’m just now getting around to writing a post about my sportstastic weekend. kj was in town and we had a great time going to various sporting events, channeling pancho villa by way of two many margaritas and hanging out with chundley. good times.

we went to both an asu baseball game and a spring training game. at the asu game, my uncle victor let us use his season tickets which are two rows up from the field. holy closeness, batman! we could spit on the on deck circle from these seats they were that close. we could heckle the players! which kj pointed out and because we were that close the next batter heard her comment and didn’t look to happy.  so she clairified that she could, not that she would.  too funny.

the next day we decided to check out the royals/rangers stadium in surprise. and surprise! the stadium is practically in nevada. it took over an hour to get there and we were so far out we started seeing “this way to vegas” signs. it’s a beautiful ball park, but way too far away.


from there we enjoyed the first of our margaritas at los olivos in scottsdale. after starting off with those though, we closed out the night at an irish pub.

the next day we sported our maroon and gold and cheered on the devils to victory in their final home game against cal. go devils! hopefully they keep the winning up during the postseason.


that night we had dinner with mi familia at el zocolo in chandler (if you ever visit arizona – you must eat here). we continued are margaritas kick, and then decided to give a karaoke bar a try. darn margaritas.

the karaoke bar was crazy. very strange people there. too hard to explain. if i had photos (where the heck is my camera?!), the pictures would explain it all.

kj – miss you already!


One Response to “a sportstastic weekend”


    I swear, I’ll update my photos this weekend!

    I had yet another margarita at a work dinner on Tuesday night! It couldn’t compare with Pancho Villa!

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