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the youngest in our family, marissa, recently graduated from arizona state. go devils! i got to go to the commencement ceremony where President Obama spoke. excellent speech! not so excellent view.                 ah, much better.                 it was an excellent night […]

i wonder…


…if i’ll ever get tired of seeing this band live.

…and took no pictures. seriously, we were there for five days and took one photo. yep. that is right. we took a photo of where we went to have ice cream with one our bestest bay area bud’s, betsey. i am sad because she has since relocated to minneapolis, but we’ll just have to go […]

so apparently i’m not the only super mario bros. lover nerd out there. in fact, some people have actually created works of art to the italian fratellis. i found this link via a guy kawasaki tweet. i think my favorite is “Super Mario Bros. 3”.