so we went to san francisco…


…and took no pictures. seriously, we we2009 photos 336re there for five days and took one photo.

yep. that is right. we took a photo of where we went to have ice cream with one our bestest bay area bud’s, betsey. i am sad because she has since relocated to minneapolis, but we’ll just have to go visit her out there now.

anyway, the ice cream from humphry slocombe was excellent. odd (chocolate tarragon, strawberry candied jalapeno), but yummy. a good spot to go to if you find yourself in the mission in 90+ degree weather. because we had to enjoy san francisco during a heat wave. which means 90+ degree weather in a city with little air conditioning. still, good times.


 oh wait! i lie. i have a few more photos.

2009 photos 339

even though i like the chronicle. i find this funny.







oh, and this one. we stayed at the palace and i love the atrium and forgot to take pictures of it the last time i stayed there.

2009 photos 344









oh, and of course mike took a picture of one of his most favoritest places on earth. toronado.

2009 photos 348 i guess once you live in a city, since it’s not new and exciting, there isn’t as much of a need to take photos. but then i totally regret not taking photos when i get back. boo.

we did enjoy spending time with good friends (betsey and sharona!) and eating great food and enjoying great drinks (a16, home, bix, dalva, the alembic, etc…). i never get tired of being in that city and am already looking forward to our next time there.


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