so it’s already august…


and i don’t think i’ve posted since, like, may.

well, i mean, i did just publish a post a second ago, but that was about a wedding we went to in june!

i started doing something in july, something that i’m not going to talk about on here until it is complete. it’s taking up a few days a week for me and i’m excited about doing it, but i don’t want to jinx it. if all goes well over labor day weekend, i’ll have a cool post to publish then.

anyway…what else has been going on… oh! we went to vegas for liz’s b-day a few weeks ago. lots of fun, most of the familia went and some friends, too.

it was a great weekend of hanging out with family (margaritaville), relaxing (by the pool at caesars), drinking (at the bank at bellagio and revolution lounge at mirage), eating (bobby flay’s mesa grill) and even enjoying a show (i already want to see LOVE again!).

we even won a little money. liz, paul, mike and i put $100 into a $5 slot wheel of fortune slot machine and paul hit a “spin” on the first try. $500 – whoo hoo! then liz hit a spin for another $100. splitting $600 may not seem like much to some people, but for me it was great since i have. never. won. in. vegas. ever. always good to leave vegas with some money in your pocket.

some pics:

mike and i at mirage

mike and lori











liz, marissa and i at revolution lounge

revolution lounge









with all the girls at the bank

girls 2


One Response to “so it’s already august…”

  1. Fun!

    Um, I want to know what this thing you’re working on is! 🙂

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