stop, hold up, tag team


feeling down? low? unhappy? sad? mad? angry? troubled? frustrated?

i have just the thing to turn that frown upside down.

everytime i see the new “ice cream & cake” baskin-robbins commercial i instantly feel better.

and you will, too. promise.

and, if you are so inclined, you can do the “ice cream & cake” dance and win money! they are having a contest and looking for the best “ice cream & cake” dancers. winner gets $10,000!

check out the videos. some of them are hilarious.

liz thinks we should made a video. hmm. most of the video participants seem to be 15 years old or younger. would it be funny to have some late 20 / early 30 year olds doing this, as well? maybe we can include marissa and she can bring our average age down a bit. either way, if we end up doing a video – you all (the three people who actually read this blog) will have to vote for us!

ice cream & cake-y-cake, ice cream & cake-y-cake. ice cream & cake do the the ice cream & cake. ice cream & cake do the the ice cream & cake. now who dat is wit da ice cream & cake?!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “stop, hold up, tag team”

  1. 1 Marissa

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you were all about that commercial when we were up north! Count me in on the ice cream & cake dance off! I think we could make our video top notch and win the money!!!! This is hilarious!

  2. 2 Melissa

    Everytime I see this commercial I think of you. Too funny!

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