i did it!


a few posts ago i mentioned that i was working on something i really hoped to accomplish.

and i did it.

medal close up

i finished the disneyland 1/2 marathon this past sunday. earlier this year my aunt kristie told me that she wanted to ring in her 35th birthday by accomplishing something she had never done before – a 1/2 marathon. but not just any 1/2 marathon – the disneyland 1/2 marathon.

i went back/forth on whether or not i wanted to try. i hate running. really, really hate it. but then in july i figured, what the heck – it would be a pretty cool thing to accomplish. so with only 9 weeks, i followed a 12-week walk-run training program for completing a 1/2 marathon. about 6 weeks in i started to have extreme pain in my right foot. i ended up having to go to an orthopedic surgeon. he told me i was putting stress on the navicular bone in my foot and that if i continued to train i might end up with a stress factor. his recommendation was discontinuing any foot-related activity for 6 weeks.  i could swim, do the elliptical, but no walking, running or zumba.expo

but he knew i really wanted to do this race, and said i likely wouldn’t damage it much more if i cut back on training. i ended up only doing five training sessions my last three weeks and was still able to complete the race. the time limit for it was 3.5 hrs and i hobbled in at 3:13.

spending an entire day/night at disneyland two days before probably didn’t help my foot, but i don’t care because i made my goal – i finished it in time!    expo 2 we did it

















and the day at disneyland was pretty fun, too.


tower of terrord-land at night with girlssplash mountain


2 Responses to “i did it!”

  1. Congrats! That is AWESOME! Good for you!

    I also love that Mike is wearing a Cal shirt and flashing the Sun Devil pitchfork!

    I wish you guys were coming to Atlanta for the UGA game!

  2. 2 Marissa

    I am so proud of you girls!!! You all did a great job and that is a huge accomplishment!!! I can’t wait to do the next one with you guys, I started training last night! It looks like you all had a great time, wish I could have been there. This whole “real” job thing sucks!!

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