september, really?


wow. so i haven’t blogged since september. definitely my longest time in between posts, but lets face it, it’s not like i’m a real blogger. i just like to have a place to jot down thoughts and pics once in awhile. 🙂

so…what i have done in the past few months since that 1/2 marathon… well, mike and i went to europe for a few weeks. started in paris and then visited five cities in spain. loved. it. amazing country, culture, food, everything. good times.

i’m not going to post pics because i have twenty bagillion of them. i did post some on snapfish, though.

paris – 

barcelona –

madrid –

seville –

cordoba – (still need to create album)

granada – (still need to create album) 

since returning in mid-november i’ve been training for a second 1/2 marathon. definitely not as motivated this time around. it’s the p.f. chang’s rock n’roll 1/2 in phoenix. so basically i’ll be running from downtown phoenix to mill avenue. not exactly the most scenic of all routes. oh, well. if i get bored or too tired, i can always hop on the light rail!


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