so it’s been…


less than two months since my last post – quite an achievement for me! so, where were we…

ah – in my last post i still hadn’t posted the rest of our europe photos. i since have and here are cordoba and granada, if you’re interested:



man, i miss spain already. holy pork, batman! they had good food.

so what else, hmm.

oh, i did another 1/2 marathon. with minimal training. and therefore it took me 17 minutes longer off my first 1/2 marathon pace. but nevermind that, because i got a souvenir.

a stress fracture.

or, at least that is what the ortho doc thinks. won’t know for sure unless i have an mri, which he’ll determine at my follow up visit in a few weeks if there isn’t great improvement.

there has been some improvement since the race and the first few days after where i. could. not. walk. seriously. even had crutches, but those were a pain; it was easier to hobble around.

so hopefully it won’t be a full fracture and i can get by on rest. which stinks. because i’m feel lazy and gross. bleh. i don’t love exercising, but not getting to do anything is making me a bit stir crazy.

anyway, that’s pretty much all that is up with me. other than being busy, busy at work. will be in charlotte, nc for the second time in a month coming up. which i don’t mind so much because i like getting to go to cities that actually get cold in winter. plus, airline miles!


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