“…the movement you need is on your shoulder…”


i’ve always been a beatles fan. i’m guessing it’s because my parents were, so it’s definitely some of the first music i was exposed to. either way, i love their music. in fact, my favorite class at asu was music of the beatles. well, that and sports media history.

more recently, i saw the cirque du soleil show love and indeed loved it. i also loved the across the universe movie – especially this song, such a pretty arrangement.

so last night i was so excited to be able to see paul mccartney in concert. it was fantastic to hear beatles music by an actual beatle! and it didn’t sound tribute bandy. it sounded almost real, minus three key musicians. either way, he played my favorite paul song of all beatles songs – hey jude.

i’ve always loved, loved, loved this song. i like that some think it was for john’s son julian during the time his parents were divorcing. i like that john thinks it was for him, paul giving his blessing to be with yoko. i’ve always wondered what the lyric “…the movement  you need is on your shoulder…” means. but that doesn’t really matter. i like that when paul was playing it / writing it, he noticed john listening behind him and offered to change that line. and john said not to, that it was the best line in it. such an interesting dynamic between two of the best songwriters of all time.

anyway, there ain’t no maybe about it, paul is still amazing. and i consider myself lucky to have seen him.

p.s….how can you not love a song that was parodied as “hey food” by sesame street?


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