3 posts a year does not a blogger make


wow. so it’s been awhile since i’ve posted.

like 5 months.

3 posts a year, definitely does not a blogger make.

so to catch up on what’s been going on, i will use a mix of pictures and succinct copy.




memorial day. show low. cabin. 1,000 piece puzzle. good times.


mike and i both went to san francisco for work. lots of fun, food, drinks with good friends, but as usual no photos.

instead, i bring you tomatoes from my uncle’s garden. yum.



and san diego


no photos from august. highlight was starting a new management position at work. that’s right, i’m an implementation manager with three direct reports. what is that you ask? still figuring that out myself and will keep you posted.

and here we are today in september.

this month is already flying by, but i’m really looking forward to the end of it. that is because i’m heading to minneapolis for work and will get to see some of my favorite friends and the new additions to their families. plus, one other favorite friend is going to join us from chicago. it’ll be like a bay area reunion in the midwest. can’t wait.

so, i’d like to say that i’ll try to start posting more, but let’s be honest, i doubt it. however, i would like to start posting more. so that is my promise. to continue to want to start posting more.

till next time (which hopefully won’t be february).


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