So, as you can tell, I’m not much for the blogging.

It seems my last blog post was in September 2010.

A few things have happened since then.

2010 – Got pregnant

2011 – Had a baby and spent better part of that year trying to figure out how to manage life with a baby

2012 – Baby moved into toddlerhood, still spent the year figuring out how to manage life with a baby, now toddler

Figure that sums it all up. There was actually a lot of other great stuff that happened. But having our daughter was definitely the most amazing and life-changing thing that’s ever happened to me and to our relationship. Having a kid truly does change everything. And, as a first-time mother, with literally no local friends with babies or kids, I may have underestimated the difficulties of becoming a parent. And also how rewarding it would be. So in a nutshell, the last two years have been crazy hard and crazy awesome.

That brings us to today. January 2013.

Nothing too exciting this month, other than the fact that I started this thing called the Whole 30 three days ago. It is freaking hard for a sugar addict like me. But I haven’t been feeling well for a few months now and still have baby weight to lose TWO YEARS LATER!


So here I’ll be. Cooking a lot of veggies and lean meats, adding in some fruits, with absolutely no dairy, no grains, no legumes, no sugar of any kind, no fun, no good mood, no brain function, no….

Let’s hope those last few improve.


One Response to “Ummmkaaaayyy”

  1. You can do it! And the last few will improve and you will feel better at some point! I promise!

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