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A known fact (by some) about me is that I am freakin’ in LOVE with cookbooks. Love, love, love. They are stacked all over the sideboard in my dining room and sprinkled throughout my amazon wish list. Luckily, my dear hubby is one of those who knows and understands my love of words and reading […]



So we’re all sick over here at Casa de Lauersdorf. I think it started with some snotty-nosed, pink-cheeked, punk, ahem, toddler sharing his germs at Gymboree. Then ma poor baybeeee got sick. 😦  And as I held her in my arms, rocking her at 3 in the morning Wednesday night, as she sneezed all over […]

Today is Day 9 of the Whole 30 for Mike and I. So far, so good. That’s not to say that we’ve both haven’t had our share of a case of the “food grumpies”. And I may or may not have contemplated quitting yesterday and eating a bunch of chocolate-covered almonds. Half-healthy, right? Alas, I […]