wow. so i haven’t blogged since september. definitely my longest time in between posts, but lets face it, it’s not like i’m a real blogger. i just like to have a place to jot down thoughts and pics once in awhile. 🙂

so…what i have done in the past few months since that 1/2 marathon… well, mike and i went to europe for a few weeks. started in paris and then visited five cities in spain. loved. it. amazing country, culture, food, everything. good times.

i’m not going to post pics because i have twenty bagillion of them. i did post some on snapfish, though.

paris – 

barcelona –

madrid –

seville –

cordoba – (still need to create album)

granada – (still need to create album) 

since returning in mid-november i’ve been training for a second 1/2 marathon. definitely not as motivated this time around. it’s the p.f. chang’s rock n’roll 1/2 in phoenix. so basically i’ll be running from downtown phoenix to mill avenue. not exactly the most scenic of all routes. oh, well. if i get bored or too tired, i can always hop on the light rail!


i did it!


a few posts ago i mentioned that i was working on something i really hoped to accomplish.

and i did it.

medal close up

i finished the disneyland 1/2 marathon this past sunday. earlier this year my aunt kristie told me that she wanted to ring in her 35th birthday by accomplishing something she had never done before – a 1/2 marathon. but not just any 1/2 marathon – the disneyland 1/2 marathon.

i went back/forth on whether or not i wanted to try. i hate running. really, really hate it. but then in july i figured, what the heck – it would be a pretty cool thing to accomplish. so with only 9 weeks, i followed a 12-week walk-run training program for completing a 1/2 marathon. about 6 weeks in i started to have extreme pain in my right foot. i ended up having to go to an orthopedic surgeon. he told me i was putting stress on the navicular bone in my foot and that if i continued to train i might end up with a stress factor. his recommendation was discontinuing any foot-related activity for 6 weeks.  i could swim, do the elliptical, but no walking, running or zumba.expo

but he knew i really wanted to do this race, and said i likely wouldn’t damage it much more if i cut back on training. i ended up only doing five training sessions my last three weeks and was still able to complete the race. the time limit for it was 3.5 hrs and i hobbled in at 3:13.

spending an entire day/night at disneyland two days before probably didn’t help my foot, but i don’t care because i made my goal – i finished it in time!    expo 2 we did it

















and the day at disneyland was pretty fun, too.


tower of terrord-land at night with girlssplash mountain

feeling down? low? unhappy? sad? mad? angry? troubled? frustrated?

i have just the thing to turn that frown upside down.

everytime i see the new “ice cream & cake” baskin-robbins commercial i instantly feel better.

and you will, too. promise.

and, if you are so inclined, you can do the “ice cream & cake” dance and win money! they are having a contest and looking for the best “ice cream & cake” dancers. winner gets $10,000!

check out the videos. some of them are hilarious.

liz thinks we should made a video. hmm. most of the video participants seem to be 15 years old or younger. would it be funny to have some late 20 / early 30 year olds doing this, as well? maybe we can include marissa and she can bring our average age down a bit. either way, if we end up doing a video – you all (the three people who actually read this blog) will have to vote for us!

ice cream & cake-y-cake, ice cream & cake-y-cake. ice cream & cake do the the ice cream & cake. ice cream & cake do the the ice cream & cake. now who dat is wit da ice cream & cake?!!!!!!!!

and i don’t think i’ve posted since, like, may.

well, i mean, i did just publish a post a second ago, but that was about a wedding we went to in june!

i started doing something in july, something that i’m not going to talk about on here until it is complete. it’s taking up a few days a week for me and i’m excited about doing it, but i don’t want to jinx it. if all goes well over labor day weekend, i’ll have a cool post to publish then.

anyway…what else has been going on… oh! we went to vegas for liz’s b-day a few weeks ago. lots of fun, most of the familia went and some friends, too.

it was a great weekend of hanging out with family (margaritaville), relaxing (by the pool at caesars), drinking (at the bank at bellagio and revolution lounge at mirage), eating (bobby flay’s mesa grill) and even enjoying a show (i already want to see LOVE again!).

we even won a little money. liz, paul, mike and i put $100 into a $5 slot wheel of fortune slot machine and paul hit a “spin” on the first try. $500 – whoo hoo! then liz hit a spin for another $100. splitting $600 may not seem like much to some people, but for me it was great since i have. never. won. in. vegas. ever. always good to leave vegas with some money in your pocket.

some pics:

mike and i at mirage

mike and lori











liz, marissa and i at revolution lounge

revolution lounge









with all the girls at the bank

girls 2

it’s been a busy summer. wait.

make that a hot, busy summer. it’s freakin’ arizona though, so i suppose that is to be expected.

in june we went to pennsylvania for brendan and jessica’s wedding. it was good times, good times and the area was just beautiful. and lucky for us, not too humid.

beautiful green scenery:










how cute was their cake!cake








and – best yet – mike wore a skirt!












other fun photos…


wedding party

wedding party









mike’s groomsman gift – awesome












me and amy lou at smallest airport ever. remember that show “wings”, which took place at a small airport in nantucket? i think this one was smaller…











all in all, a beautiful wedding and weekend.

i’m so bummed



sing it to the world. sing it out loud.

ma ma se. ma ma sa. ma ma coo sa.


the youngest in our family, marissa, recently graduated from arizona state. go devils!

i got to go to the commencement ceremony where President Obama spoke. excellent speech! not so excellent view.

2009 photos 393









ah, much better.

2009 photos 396









it was an excellent night and i am so proud of you, marissa!

2009 photos 414









now get your CPA license so you can do my taxes! 🙂